Pilgrim a.k.a. Patrick Fuller is a hip-hop artist from Atlanta who writes music that reveals his belief that everyone is on a journey of faith and they need real solutions and real answers.  He began to notice that many Christians feel exiled in the process of their faith journey as they interact with the world around them, and each song is written to share the common bond we all have.  

With creative Spanish and English lyricism he takes a serious look at life and different worldviews in his songs.  Growing up in the 90’s and becoming a Christian in 2008 Pilgrim was influenced by a variety of sounds including pop hits, hard rock and hip-hop/rap.  Artists such as Lecrae, Braille, Andy Mineo, Beautiful Eulogy and Social Club have all shaped his view on hip-hop/rap in recent years.  

Pilgrim’s first EP called the “Step One EP” was recorded in his home and helped to introduce his lyrics and sound to the music scene.  His next single and music video “El Peregrino” released on all major outlets in February of 2016 while being followed closely by the next upcoming single, “Mr. Pretender feat. Zackery Robinson & Sofia Hartley” in May of 2016.  He looks forward to his first studio EP, “Progress”, coming out in September of the same year.  In his own words regarding the project he has said, “Life is one big journey in which people either make progress and move forward physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc., or they stagnate and never learn from the past.  Each song is a description of my own progress in recent years and hard lessons I’ve learned in the day to day process of living and growing with God.”  

When he is on stage he seeks to create a high energy environment while also taking some time to worship God.  The “fiesta” is real when Pilgrim a.k.a. El Peregrino hits the stage.